devepole details a bit more like young campbell                    develope the idea of alhibticly.                 possible tell a later story.            relisation story.

imagine this a youthful Campbell Wright small blonder hair and no pimples i know it hard to imagine but just try. so young campbells chilling in class way back in year one. bell just rung but im not leaving. not yet. i’m stuck here, waiting for my name to be called. so i sit there watching as one by one all my mates drain from the classroom. until finally it’s just me and my teacher alone this is when i here my name and i can finally leave for lunch. you see this whole dilemma is caused by my last name beginning with a W with the whole technicality of the alphabetical order thing so this means that this story wasn’t unordinary or irregular in fact it happened almost every day of my primary school career. but it’s shaped me because i believe that this repetitive waiting for the only thing i look forward to in school for a etra minute or so taught me there no rush to get out the door. and when i finally got to leave for lunch it was that much better. this was my first life lesson gained from my last name.


ok so lets zoom forward a couple years. im still waiting for lunch but now i’ve come to realize that i can actually be late to class at the end of lunch because of the exact same reason that i get stuck in the classroom at the start. i didnt find this out trough being smart and figuring it out by being too good at hide and seek. so lunch was alomst at a close but me and friends we opted for one more round of hide and seek. we start of with a game of 21 thankfully i wasnt choosen to be in. so the game started. so i run to my go too finding spot in the back corner of the field and sit behind the bush and wait… still waiting but no one comes. like guys i know im good at hiding but like this good, no chance. i look up from my hinding spot and am met with a empty field. one thought crosses my mind im gonna be late (again). so i run to my classroom and try to slip in through the door whithout being detected. im sucessful. i sitdown on the mat and i hear my name called on the roll. this is the first time i successfully pulled of being late. this realisation shook my core beliefs.  this is when i learnt my second life lesson just because of the nature of my last name. the life leason was ‘what goes round comes round’. this perk wasnt only relevant at lunch but i could be slightly late to all periods. this perk was greatly suited to my disorganised personality. because more often then not im late to formal events like school.


and the third and final lesson ive ganed from my last name has occured to me over the last few weeks while ive been writing this speach. so when i first sat down to write this speech i had a few ideas but like not many i was kinda just waisting time to be honest. but then when i finally thought of the idea of my last name and how its shaped me. i was thought yea i could probably yabble some stuff about that but after i went home and actually had a think about i though hmmmm this has changed me. but like its not some really big deal someones last name it so small, but its contributed to who i am. you see i relised that alot of people have the main same core values but its the little things the miute differences are what make us who we are. and after my brain came up with that i was like wow. i was surprized with howk  philosofical i just got. and this is the last way my name has changed me through the


and in this moment i relised my final lesson gained from my last name

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