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its quite ironic isn’t that when you put something on a pedastool the further away it becomes. but why do we as humans continuously put things of value higher then us making them unattainable and out of reach? F. Scott Fitzgerald is a world-renowned author who is most commonly known for the Great Gatsby. like many great authors, he often carries certain aspects of his life through his books. this leaves us with connecting aspects throughout all of Gatsby books. one aspect that connects The Great Gatsby, Winter Dreams, Jelly Bean, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the aspect of  ‘the golden girl’. the golden girl is the girl who is unattainable due to some abstract

Paragraph 1:

the Great Gatsby is about Jay Gatsby who was born poor but strives for wealth in order to be worthy for daisy Beuchannans compassion. but this idea is unrealistic due to Gatsby plethora of wants. one of these wants is that Gatsby wants Daisy to erase 5 years of her life 5 years where she gets married has a child. If Gatsby is able to accept that this time has happened and you cant forgot 5 years of your life then maybe daisy would have been attainable but its gatsby incompatibility to realize that time cant be undone is the reason for his unrealistic dream of attaining the golden girl. this is shown in the quote “‘Can’t repeat the past?’ he cried incredulously. ‘Why of course you can!’” this shows how he has no lack of confidence that he can reach his dream of the ‘golden girl’.  also gatsby unwillingness to realize this despite daisy saying “‘Oh, you want too much!’ she cried to Gatsby. ‘I love you now—isn’t that enough? I can’t help what’s past.’” is the reason that the golden girl is always tantalizingly close for Gatsby. the reason that Gatsby couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t be successful in his goal is that he had invested his whole life his whole existence into impressing daisy. that daisy giving up a small 5 years would almost seem like the minimum sacrifice for them to be together.

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In Winter Dreams, Dexter is a young caddy when he first lays eyes upon Judy jones when she’s playing golf. from this moment on he decides to reinvent himself to gain Judy jones admiration. but Judy Jones is a hollow character this means she herself has no true identity and is always a projection of what her current male partner may be. this is shown with the quote  “I’ll be so beautiful for you, Dexter” this shows us how she is only a liquid that fills the molds of the wants of her current partner by the use of the phrase ‘beautiful for you’ this tells us that what she does she never does for herself. for this reason, this is why Dexter and she will never be together because she will never truly be happy with her current partner until she can learn to become happy with herself. that is why she bounces between men never truly becoming satisfied this is further proven with the quote “I’m more beautiful than anybody else,” she said brokenly, “why can’t I be happy?”. the ways that Judy Jones and Daisy Buchannan are similar is that both of these characters are just out of reach of Dexters and Gatsby’s grasp. but in reality, the reason that keeps these couples from having a happy ever after is more severe than both of these characters originally think. with the fact of trying to erase time and having a spouse that has no real substance.

Jim Powell role in life is just to idle. just to be present nothing more nothing less. this until he lays eyes on Nancy Lamar the notorious bad girl. she is one always to act out spontaneously and always does the immediate action that will lead to her immediate satisfaction and isn’t one to think about the repercussions on others around her even the repercussions that will effect herself. this is shown once she confesses her love towards Jim Powell only because of his luck with dice and how it helped her get out of some money she owed. this is shown in the quote “He’s lucky in dice, and as a matter fact, I love him” this shows us how her sole reason for falling for someone is to solely use them to help get her out of debt. this proven to be superficial when Nancy then gets married in a drunken spur to a different man than whom she claimed to love previously. this shows us how nancy lives a destructive lifestyle filled with instant gratification and no long-term commitments. the reason why its unrealistic for Jim to be with Nancy I because she only lives in the moment and has no sense of commitment towards her proclaimed lovers. in many ways, she is similar to Judy Jones because they both show destructive traits that inevitably lead to there unhappiness. This destructive trait (in the case of Judy Jones she has no substance and for Nancy Lamar, she is dangerously erratic and never thinks of the future) always manages to come in the way of the main protagonist (Dexter and Jim) falling short of maintaining their golden girl.

when Benjamin button was born into this world, not as a baby but instead quite strangely an old man and as his life goes forward he ages backward. But despite this occurrence benjamin still manages to fall in love with his golden girl who “he loved you [Daisy] from the moment he laid eyes on you”. Because of his rare condition Benjamin is always aware of the fact that Daisy fuller (golden girl) will always be distant no matter how close they are.this is presented when they are both the same age living in the best time of their lives happily together and Benjamin still feels a sense of melancholy when he says “I was thinking how nothing lasts, and what a shame that is” this is because he knows that eventually, he will have to leave daisy when their physical ages widen back up. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is different from the rest of F Scotts Fitzgeralds writing in many ways but also very similar. we can see this in how that there is a factor that is keeping the main protagonist   forever happy with the golden girl, but in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this factor is out of the control the characters because in Winter Dreams, The Great Gatsby and The Jelly Bean it is always a personality trait shown by the protagonist or the golden girl that makes their relationship unattainable. But in the curious case of benjamin button, we see that both daisy and Benjamin want to be together but can’t due to the condition of benjamins aging. The reason why this is different is because CCOBB is a movie directed by

As we can see F.ScottFitzgerald carries the idea of the golden girl throughout his work. This can only show us how he has been illuded by his idea of the golden girl sometime in his life this is because the only way for a like, F Scott Fitzgerlad to write so fluidly and with such vivid detail he must only be writing about an experience. For

puts them on pedastoos and unrealistic hy are they unrealistic 

daisy bucannan the golden girl the ever restless centre of attention. she lives her life in a caresless maner. she gives no remorse towards those who she damages and leads a superfical life. gatsby is unfortunate enough to fall for this unattainable maiden. this eventually leads to gatsbys undoing but this is only because 

gatsbys .   daisy , the life of the party , cant be appart due to socail staus aswell as time .  ‘Oh, you want too much!’ she cried to Gatsby. ‘I love you
now—isn’t that enough? I can’t help what’s past.’

the book The Great Gatsbyis about a man named Gatsby who is born poor but tries to gain wealth so that his socail status is high enough impress his long term crush daisy beucannan. this impossible task ends up with him wealthy but alway out of reach of daisys love becuase of not being of a high enough socail status aswell as the 5 years that they’ve spent apart. the fact that daisy is always untouchable despite gatsbys efforts shows as alot about daisys morals and the type of life she chooses to lead. the fact that she is unable to be with gatsby due to the fact that he wasnt born into wealth shows us that she is superfical and materilisic because she is not able to see deeper then the socail status and wealth of gatsby. 

CCOBB daisy  a dancer long term    cant be together because of aging backwards once again time

winter dreams    judy jones. once again life of the party prei rowdy . has infinte money and beuty but is never fully complete. dexter and judy dont work out because of the neverending hole that judy is and ho w she will never be satisfyed

i will never forget those beatuiful blue eyes

jely bean,  nancy lamar,  

but in lots of his books there seems to be a common theme among them these themes can often be related back to the authours personal experiences. and because of these exeperiences he can write about the theme in greater detai as he is speacking from experience. 


  1. Campbell,

    Make sure you explore the concept of “The Golden Girl” and possibly who she was to Fitzgerald.

    You still have a lot of work to do in our last three periods of writing.

    Make sure you are analysing your evidence and not just the plot of each text.

    Mrs. P


  2. Campbell,

    You still need to explain what this “golden girl” is. What is the “golden girl”? Why is she “golden”? How is she a product of society or a concept created by society? What is it about her the lures the main protagonists in?

    Remember to make strong comments about the connections between the texts- ways that they are similar, different, possible reasons for these similarities or differences, ways in which the language is similar or different, the value of the element to the reader etc.

    Mrs. P


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