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describe at least one effective technique in the written. explain how this technique helped you understand an idea in the written text


Scott Fitzgerald portrays his ideas of the written text through his choice of settings. He portrays the idea of the American dream through the ideas of the four main settings in the Great Gatsby. The American dream is the idea that everyone in America can become wealthy depending on how much work they put in. this means that people who work hard are successful and people who don’t work hard don’t become successful.

Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the unfulfilled idea of the american dream throughout the setting of the valley of ashes. “a transcendent effort, of men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air.” this quote shows us to the extent the state of the residents here. this is shown by the word choice of the transcendant effort of the people working here. this lets us realise the people working are so worn down that they appear to be fading away like powder through the air. the idea of them being worthless is shown in the quote “ashes grow like wheat and form into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens.” this shows us that this area of the valley of ashes is a whimsical and boisterous area. this is shown by the word choice of groutesque when nick describes the gardens of the area. the idea that ashes grow like wheat expresses the worthlessness so the lives of the people in this area. this is expressed by author saying that ashes make up all there possessions like chimneys ridges hills. this is another way of the author expressing that everything they own is worthless like ashes. this is just one of the many ways Scott Fitzgerald critiques the social ideals in the book the great Gatsby .               Image result for ricky baker meme


the idea of the fake american dream is presented through the idea of East egg. this is because the people who live in this area of new york are known for their prestigious status. but they did not obtain this status through hard work and dedication. they were born into this wealth and endured no hardship t ovation this wealth. the perfect example of this is daisy and tom Buchanan. this is because these two are residents of east egg and are absurdly rich. a quote that identifies how they never worked for their money is spoken by nick carraway the narrator of the story. the quote is “Her voice is full of money, … the king’s daughter, the golden girl” the part in this quote that refers to money in her voice not only is a connotation to her sweet innocent charm, but the word choice of the word money points to her being unlawfully rich from birth almost as if she was so overly exposed to money that it consumes her and indulges her in every way even to the point of which it is her voice. the second part of this quote refers to her being a princess due to her being the king’s daughter. this is a direct relation to her being born into money because if you are the king’s daughter you are born into a wealth family and really you have no purpose in life other than to exist as a trophy. the last part of this quote refers to the golden girl. this is once again referring to her ridiculous amount of wealth. this is because the word choice golden make us connate it to money and wealth. so by saying she is the golden girl the author is trying to portray she is the money girl. and also the word choice of girl makes us think of a child. the author uses this directly to let us know she was born into her wealth. if he wasn’t trying to make us believe this he would have used other word choices such as women, or female. this means that the idea of the american dream is fake because these people have found wealth through nothing but being alive. this is the bare minimum.

Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the cheated idea of the american dream through the setting of west egg. this is because the people of west egg of have a certain persona that has been made about them. this persona involves the residents of west egg being known for ‘cheating the system’ they do this by not fulfilling the ideals of the american dream. these ideals consist of working hard and getting what you deserve depending on how much work you put in. these ‘bootleggers’ dont stick to these rules despite them working hard. this is because they gained their money through illegal affairs so in turn they cheated the system. Gatsby fits this idea of a bootlegger because he raised to fortune through illegal affairs related to drug stores. this is shown in the quote thought by tom Buchanan saying “He and this Wolfsheim bought up a lot of side-street drug-stores here and in Chicago and sold grain alcohol over the counter… I picked him for a bootlegger the first time I saw him,” this confirms rumours of Gatsby being related to illegal activitys and this links him to west egg. This means that all residents that live in this area will always be tainted by the residents who choose to pursue illegal activities. this is because their wealth is tainted with the ideals of illegal activity. this is just one other way that Scott Fitzgerald presents the idea of the american dream being ‘just a dream’

in conclusion Scott Fitzgerald critques the ideala of the american dream through settings in the book the great gatsby. this is because he believes that this idea of the American dream is just a dream and that its false hope that it gives to people is almost cruel.

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