Chapter one Great Gatsby

recount of chapter one: The Great Gatsby

In chapter one nick claimed to be our none bias narrator. nick went out for dinner with his distant cousin named Daisy Buchanan. Daisy’s husband was a very stuck up and rich kind of person. I know this due to the descriptive words used by Nick and Daisy such as hulking, brute, arrogant, and aggressive. We also found out that women are very second class citizens with it being a social normal for husbands to have other lovers outside of marriage. when Nick left there house he felt “almost disgusted”.

Daisy:  charming, thrilling, sad, lovely, bright, these words help me realize that she is a kind but sad character who wants more this is due to the tone of the words used and how she can be sad and lovely at the same time.

Jordan Baker: small breasted, charming, balancing, polite, slender. these words help me realize she is the type of person who is elegant lady.

Tom: aggressive, brute, arrogant, aggressive. these words help me realize that nick is a judgmental person who doesn’t care for others opinions.

I think that nick ill be an opinionated narrator due to his describing words he has used. These either gives me a immediate liking towards a person or i will dislike them for the whole story from the first time we meet the person. This isn’t a very bias way to narrate a story.



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