final gatsby project


  1. Describe three key characters and explain how they change throughout the novel? 

  the three key characters in this novel are daisy Gatsby and nick.


Nicks perception of the lifestyle of west egg changes throughout the curse of the film this is shown by nicks perception of Gatsby’s first party that he’s invited to. he thinks of the party as foolish and empty because “The bar is in full swing, … chatter and laughter, and casual innuendo and introductions forgot on the spot, and enthusiastic meetings between women who never knew each other’s names.” this shows how this character feels that the lifestyle in West egg is empty and hollow and very materialistic. this perception of Gatsby’s party takes place at the start of the book in chapter three. in chapter six after another one of Gatsby’s parts Gatsby says “she didn’t like it’ referring to daisy and he party nick then instantly replies with “of course she did” this implies that Nick had a good time at this party and now sees it as a good time this is because he is more of a resident of west egg but before he more was an outsider or a tourist. this also shows how he has accepted this materialistic lifestyle as acceptable. 




Gatsby as a character changes during the book this is because at the start of the book there is a shroud of mystery around him and a lot of people view of him varied. but as the book progresses we see his shroud of mystery being unveiled as Gatsby becomes more vulnerable. we see the shroud of mystery being formed around Gatsby at the start of the book when Nick attends Gatsby’s party nick hears rumors about Gatsby such as “someone told me they thought he killed a man” in this quote there is a lot of mystery because the words “someone told me”  and “they thought” imply rumors or uncertainty. this proves the shroud of mystery around Gatsby. Other rumors around Gatsby’s name are “he was a German spy during the war” “he’s an Oxford man”. as the novel progresses we see these rumors fall part and as they slip away he is left more and more vulnerable. his breaking point is in the final chapter when Tom Buchanan looks into Gatsby’s affairs and calls him out about his rumors. nick narrates that “[he was] defending his name against accusations that had not been made.” this implies that there are many more rumors about Gatsby that we haven’t heard about in the book that are circulating the east and west egg area.



daisy ideas around what she wants change throughout the book. at the start of the novel, she believes that she is true to her heart and will choose love over status. but as the novel progresses these morals change and her true colors come out. her love and devotion to Gatsby is shown when Daisy and Gatsby dance together and Daisy says “I wish it could always be like this” this is Daisy expressing her devotion towards Gatsby. near the end of the book when daisy must choose between tom and Gatsby she becomes scared of this choice because it is a new experience for her. This leads to her falling back into toms arms because of the security of his status. this is shown in the book when daisy never even sends the flower to her previous lovers funeral. this action as a whole sums up daisy personality being careless repulsive and every time things go wrong retreat back to the comfort of her husband’s status and money.


comprehensively describe the relationships between the three main characters

Dasiy and Gatsby

Daisy’s and Gatsby’s relationship is a false idea that they can be together. this illusion last throughout the whole book. This relationship starts with Gatsby not being of a high enough status for daisy. this sparks an obsession inside Gatsby to reach a high enough social status to meet Daisy’s needs. this task is an impossible task due to a false idea of the American dream. as the book progresses daisy believes that gatsbys has obtained a high enough status this is highlighted when daisy says “I wish it could always be like this” as they dance this shows how daisy would like to commit to this relationship but this is presented as an illusion when daisy chooses to run away with her husband of higher social status instead of staying with who she claims she loves.


nick and Gatsby

nick and Gatsbys relationship starts of as a one way relationship. because Nick has such high expectations to meet Gatsby and when he sees him he fills these expectations. but when Gatsby first meets nick he is  just another face in the crowd. as the book progresses there freindship blossoms as Gatsby needs nick to get to Daisy. this leads to them becoming closer because gatsby relies on nick to meet with dasiy. when the book comes to a end nick relises Gatsbys true intentions and they shre a moment when gatsby tells nick his whole story and why everything hes done so far has been for daisy. this makes Nick think higher of gatsby because his intents had been romantic and true his word.


Dasiy and nick

when Nick first meets daisy he knows her as a distant relative and he sees her as very beautiful and innocent. thier initail relationship is based on trust this idea is backed up by the moment they shared when daisy says “i hope shes a fool, thats the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” this shows how their relationship is based on trust due to daisy confessing these asperations for her daughter shows us that there is a positive relationship present.  but as the book progresses nick reliese daisys materialistic amd false life style this is shown when her porclaimed lover dies and she doesnt attend the funeral. this infuriates nick make ing him look down on her this results in them ending the book with m more negitvie relationship.



American dream.

the four main locations in the great Gatsby are west egg, east egg, valley of ashes, and new york. each place represents a idea of the American dream. the American dream is the idea that you get what you deserve and if you work hard enough you will become successful. but idea is presented as false in all settings of gatsby. in west egg the idea is false because it has a representation of bootleggers who have come to fortune by cheating the system through illegal affairs this is reflected by Gatsby’s character. East egg is also a false idea of the dream because everyone living there has been born into fortune not having to work for it. this is proven by daisy and tom living there. the valley of ashes reflects this because everyone who lives there works extremely hard and are rewarded with barely enough to get by. this is shown i  the book by the characters Wilson. the final place that falsely represents the American dream is new york. this is because here there is the illusion that if you work hard enough your dreams will come true. this is false because only a small amount of people achieve fortune through hard work this is shown through west egg, east egg, and the valley of ashes.


“Her voice was full of money… That was it. I’d never understood before. it was full of money that was the inexhaustible charm that rose girl fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals song of it

  • full of money.
  • this makes us as readers think that this is a nice sound because we connotate this to word money towards good things or pleasant things this makes us think that she has a high smooth voice.
  • it also makes us think that she is careless this is because we think\ she has lots of money she has no need to worry about anything.
  • id never understood it before
  • shows us that nick hasnt ever heard a voice as sweet or soothing as daisy’s. this further proves the point of daisys innocent persona
  • inexhaustible charm
  • this gives us a sense that she is so attractive that nothing needs to be added to her look. and also how her beauty is never ending and will last through age hence inexhaustible.
  • the jingle of it
  • connotations of this include festive season, Christmas, merry, jolly, happy
  • cymbals song of it
  • this makes us think of the of the smooth ringing of the cymbals while also hinting the fact that cymbals can be an ugly sound when used incorrectly this could possibly be foreshadowing days final actions in the book.

“I felt a haunting loneliness sometimes, and felt it in others–young clerks in the dusk, wasting the most poignant moments of night and life.”  nick

  • hauting loneliness
  • this gives us the idea that this feeling never fully leave nick just as a ghost would if it hauntes you it more occasionally becomes subsidised. almost as if hes carrying around this feeling of loneliness.
  • felt in others
  • this is shows us that you cant really feel or see if someone is haunted by loneliness unless you your self have felt it and know the feeling of haunting sadness.
  • wasting the most poignant moments
  • poignant means evoking a keen sense of regret or sadness this entails that they are waisting the sad moments is there life by having them all the time. so this means when a tragity comes around they will almost be desencitsed tot eh feeling of sadness.



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  1. Campbell,

    Make sure that you are explaining the changes that occur to the character. The characters perceptions of the things around them are important and you have made good observations about them however I want to see you develop your explanation to include more observations about how WE see the characters change.


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