significant connections essay

its quite ironic isn’t that when you put something on a pedastool the further away it becomes. but why do we as humans continuously put things of value higher then us making them unattainable and out of reach? F. Scott Fitzgerald is a world-renowned author who is most commonly known for the Great Gatsby. like many great authors, he often carries certain aspects of his life through his books. this leaves us with connecting aspects throughout all of Gatsby books. one aspect that connects The Great Gatsby, Winter Dreams, Jelly Bean, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the aspect of  ‘the golden girl’. the golden girl is is considered golden because she is known as the perfect women the pinnacle of beauty and  wealth. this is why she is referred to as golden because gold is not only a symbol of beauty but also wealth. the golden girl has been created by society because we as people need a end goal the golden girl for the main protganist in F. Scott Fitzgerald is always the end goal. they belive that gaining the golden girl will lead to thier unchallenged happiness. and the perfect thye will atain the Golden couple status.

Paragraph 1:

the Great Gatsby is about Jay Gatsby who was born poor but strives for wealth in order to be worthy for daisy Beuchannans compassion. but this idea is unrealistic due to Gatsby plethora of wants. one of these wants is that Gatsby wants Daisy to erase 5 years of her life 5 years where she gets married has a child. If Gatsby is able to accept that this time has happened and you cant forgot 5 years of your life then maybe daisy would have been attainable but its gatsby incompatibility to realize that time cant be undone is the reason for his unrealistic dream of attaining the golden girl. this is shown in the quote “‘Can’t repeat the past?’ he cried incredulously. ‘Why of course you can!’” this shows how he has no lack of confidence that he can reach his dream of the ‘golden girl’.  also gatsby unwillingness to realize this despite daisy saying “‘Oh, you want too much!’ she cried to Gatsby. ‘I love you now—isn’t that enough? I can’t help what’s past.’” is the reason that the golden girl is always tantalizingly close for Gatsby. the reason that Gatsby couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t be successful in his goal is that he had invested his whole life his whole existence into impressing daisy. that daisy giving up a small 5 years would almost seem like the minimum sacrifice for them to be together.

para 2

In Winter Dreams, Dexter is a young caddy when he first lays eyes upon Judy jones when she’s playing golf. from this moment on he decides to reinvent himself to gain Judy jones admiration. but Judy Jones is a hollow character this means she herself has no true identity and is always a projection of what her current male partner may be. this is shown with the quote  “I’ll be so beautiful for you, Dexter” this shows us how she is only a liquid that fills the molds of the wants of her current partner by the use of the phrase ‘beautiful for you’ this tells us that what she does she never does for herself. for this reason, this is why Dexter and she will never be together because she will never truly be happy with her current partner until she can learn to become happy with herself. that is why she bounces between men never truly becoming satisfied this is further proven with the quote “I’m more beautiful than anybody else,” she said brokenly, “why can’t I be happy?”. the ways that Judy Jones and Daisy Buchannan are similar is that both of these characters are just out of reach of Dexters and Gatsby’s grasp. but in reality, the reason that keeps these couples from having a happy ever after is more severe than both of these characters originally think. with the fact of trying to erase time and having a spouse that has no real substance.

Jim Powell role in life is just to idle. just to be present nothing more nothing less. this until he lays eyes on Nancy Lamar the notorious bad girl. she is one always to act out spontaneously and always does the immediate action that will lead to her immediate satisfaction and isn’t one to think about the repercussions on others around her even the repercussions that will effect herself. this is shown once she confesses her love towards Jim Powell only because of his luck with dice and how it helped her get out of some money she owed. this is shown in the quote “He’s lucky in dice, and as a matter fact, I love him” this shows us how her sole reason for falling for someone is to solely use them to help get her out of debt. her ‘love’ is proven to be superficial when Nancy then gets married in a drunken spur to a different man than whom she claimed to love previously. this shows us how nancy lives a destructive lifestyle filled with instant gratification and no long-term commitments. the reason why its unrealistic for Jim to be with Nancy I because she only lives in the moment and has no sense of commitment towards her proclaimed lovers. in many ways, she is similar to Judy Jones because they both show destructive traits that inevitably lead to there unhappiness. This destructive trait (in the case of Judy Jones she has no substance and for Nancy Lamar, she is dangerously erratic and never thinks of the future) always manages to come in the way of the main protagonist (Dexter and Jim) falling short of maintaining their golden girl.

when Benjamin button was born into this world, not as a baby but instead quite strangely an old man and as his life goes forward he ages backward. But despite this occurrence benjamin still manages to fall in love with his golden girl who after first seeing her he says how he “will never forget those beautiful blue eyes” this shows us how he is almost in a trance from the moment he sees her he knows that he will always have longing this is because he will “never forget” her eyes so, therefore, he will never forget her. Because of his rare condition, Benjamin is always aware of the fact that Daisy fuller (golden girl) will always be distant no matter how close they are. this is presented when they are both the same age living in the best time of their lives happily together and Benjamin still feels a sense of melancholy when he says “I was thinking how nothing lasts, and what a shame that is” this is because he knows that eventually, he will have to leave daisy when their physical ages widen back up. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is different from the rest of F Scotts Fitzgeralds writing in many ways but also very similar. we can see this in how that there is a factor that is keeping the main protagonist   forever happy with the golden girl, but in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this factor is out of the control the characters because in Winter Dreams, The Great Gatsby and The Jelly Bean it is always a personality trait shown by the protagonist or the golden girl that makes their relationship unattainable. But in the curious case of benjamin button, we see that both daisy and Benjamin want to be together but can’t due to the condition of benjamins aging. The reason why this is different is because the Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a movie directed by David Fincher. the reason why this piece will be different because this director will have different life experiences so when he creates a remake of F Scott Fitzgerald social relism style of writing into a movie it will replicate his life more than F Scott Fitzgerald.

As we can see F. Scott Fitzgerald carries the idea of the golden girl, the end goal and the perfect couple throughout his work. but eventually it ends up to be an illusion and the main protagonists longing is never fulfilled because of some limiting fact wether it is an impossible goal form Gatsby, the golden girl having no real substance, destructive nature and no regard to long-term consequences, and finally a rare disease that makes you age backwards. these are all reasons for the golden girl to be untouchable the main protagonist can get close but never will they fully fulfill there dreams of attaining the golden girl. the reason why F Scott Fitgerald writes about the golden girl is because him and his wife Zelda were seen as the perfect couple of the nineteen twenties but when we look into their marriage we see that their marriage was flawed and there were problems despite them being seen as the golden couple. so the reason he writes about the golden girl is to show us that perfection doesn’t exist and that no matter how good things may seem there is always faults in our lives.


Nature of life and death


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a film based off the short story written by F scott Fitzgerald. it is about a child who is born into a old mans body. As time moves forward Benjamin lives his life backwards, growing younger by the day. But despite aging backwards he still experience life with the same core milestones as a normal person, but his experiences are distorted to what we would perceive as normal. During benjamins life he has a terminal crush for a girl named daisy, sadly because their body clocks are heading in different directions they cant be together for the whole duration of benjamin’s life. While they are in the ‘golden period’ (when they appear to be the same age) they have a child. This child’s name is caroline. For several years the couple is happy but as their physical age gap grows they get torn apart. This film expresses the idea of the nature of life and how we all enter with this world alone and with nothing and leave this world alone and with nothing. But it is what we leave behind and the impact that we have made on others that matters. The scene in this film that best represents this idea is the final scene. This scene shows benjamin as a baby in his final years being cared for by his previous partner daisy. This is being narrated by Daisy in her final moments. This is then followed on by a montage of all the people who made a substantial impact on benjamins life.


Over the first part of the scene Daisy (while in her final moments) voices over the scene explaining what happened in benjamins final years of his life. She is voicing over the scene because as benjamin gets younger he forgets how to write, read and talk. This is because as his brain goes backwards he forgets how to do these simple tasks. So in this scene as daisy describes what they did together her voice portrays a shaky and sad tone that gives off a feeling of loneliness. This is her tone of voice because it lets us know not only that she is near death but also that she is still heartbroken over the loss of benjamin from her life. This ties into the nature of life because daisy is leaving this world lonely without benjamin and alone just as she would have came into this world. Right before daisy dies her voice becomes less shaky and she says the word “benjamin” the reason why the director made her voice become less strained while saying this word is express how she is grateful for the time that they had together and thankful for the memories of benjamin that she be able to keep forever.


While benjamin was in his final years daisy cared for him they did activities such as walking in the autumn, reading bedtime stories, and playing with toys. All these activities are something that you would tend to do with your child and you would remember as a happy experience, but the music played over these scenes has a sad and solemn tone. The reason for this is to express that how both benjamin and daisy have come to realize the the end of their lives are glooming, and they have this time to reflect about all the wasted time between them. But at the end of this scene it shows a montage of all the important people in benjamin’s life and in this scene the music transitions into a more perky happy tone. He reason why the director would do this is to point out that there wasn’t only wasted time but also so many happy memories and stories that have been created this directly links to the nature of life because even though both benjamin and daisy’s time is almost up the stories that they have left behind and the memories that they have made will live on longer than the both of them and these memories and stories will be their legacy.


In the scene where benjamins dies the lighting in the scene is low key (half of their faces dark and half of their faces light)  with benjamins face completely dark with only the rim of his face being lit up. this gives of a rather gloomy effect as if something is lurking in the shadows. This is because death is looming on benjamin. Once benjamin passes away daisy covers his head in the blanket that caresses him. This then in turn completely shields his face from the sunlight and covers him in shadows. this is a direct link to death and when the light gets removed from his face he is consumed by the shadow and therefore lifeless. And from when benjamin gets covered his body is unlikely to see sunlight again because he will then be moved to a mortgage with no natural light and then buried underground where there is also no light. By using this technique the director is trying to express how death is always looming and once a human is consumed by death there is no coming back.


In the extract of the last scene where it shows the backwards clock in the basement ticking away unseen by the world. The director makes sure that the audience hears the ticking noise in the final scene to let us know even though it’s gone time still moves forward. It also lets us know that the clock still has a purpose in keeping the time despite being unseen by the world. This expresses how even in death time moves on without us and we will be left behind, but in a way we live on through stories and on through people whom we have influenced, just as the clock is remembered by those who have seen it day after day while they take the train. This links to benjamin because even though he is gone he will always be a big part of Daisies, and Caroline’s life. So in a way he is alive through the memories that others have of him. This is the nature of life and how time will leave us behind but it’s what we do while we are here that makes us live on once we pass.


The reason why both the author (F. Scott Fitzgerald) and the director (David Fincher) valued the idea of expressing the nature of life through both film and book is because this message is not only relevant to all humans because death is all where we are heading, but also because it forces us to self reflect about how we will be remembered by those around us. And through the process of self reflection we can improve on our morals and our beliefs. Another reason why the nature of life was expressed in this film and book is because it make us realize the bitter sweet gift of life and how we are all born to inevitably die. This makes us value the small amount of time we have here on the important things such as family friends and having fun.


In conclusion the inevitability of time is represented in this film though the directors purposeful use of film techniques to give us 4 key messages that express the idea of the inevitability of time. The four key messages that the director wants the audience to take away from this film is to be grateful for the time we share with one another, our stories and memories become our legacy once we leave, death is always looming, and finally it’s our actions that enable us to live on once we pass. All these messages point to the fact that we enter this world alone and leave it the same way.


devepole details a bit more like young campbell                    develope the idea of alhibticly.                 possible tell a later story.            relisation story.

imagine this a youthful Campbell Wright small blonder hair and no pimples i know it hard to imagine but just try. so young campbells chilling in class way back in year one. bell just rung but im not leaving. not yet. i’m stuck here, waiting for my name to be called. so i sit there watching as one by one all my mates drain from the classroom. until finally it’s just me and my teacher alone this is when i here my name and i can finally leave for lunch. you see this whole dilemma is caused by my last name beginning with a W with the whole technicality of the alphabetical order thing so this means that this story wasn’t unordinary or irregular in fact it happened almost every day of my primary school career. but it’s shaped me because i believe that this repetitive waiting for the only thing i look forward to in school for a etra minute or so taught me there no rush to get out the door. and when i finally got to leave for lunch it was that much better. this was my first life lesson gained from my last name.


ok so lets zoom forward a couple years. im still waiting for lunch but now i’ve come to realize that i can actually be late to class at the end of lunch because of the exact same reason that i get stuck in the classroom at the start. i didnt find this out trough being smart and figuring it out by being too good at hide and seek. so lunch was alomst at a close but me and friends we opted for one more round of hide and seek. we start of with a game of 21 thankfully i wasnt choosen to be in. so the game started. so i run to my go too finding spot in the back corner of the field and sit behind the bush and wait… still waiting but no one comes. like guys i know im good at hiding but like this good, no chance. i look up from my hinding spot and am met with a empty field. one thought crosses my mind im gonna be late (again). so i run to my classroom and try to slip in through the door whithout being detected. im sucessful. i sitdown on the mat and i hear my name called on the roll. this is the first time i successfully pulled of being late. this realisation shook my core beliefs.  this is when i learnt my second life lesson just because of the nature of my last name. the life leason was ‘what goes round comes round’. this perk wasnt only relevant at lunch but i could be slightly late to all periods. this perk was greatly suited to my disorganised personality. because more often then not im late to formal events like school.


and the third and final lesson ive ganed from my last name has occured to me over the last few weeks while ive been writing this speach. so when i first sat down to write this speech i had a few ideas but like not many i was kinda just waisting time to be honest. but then when i finally thought of the idea of my last name and how its shaped me. i was thought yea i could probably yabble some stuff about that but after i went home and actually had a think about i though hmmmm this has changed me. but like its not some really big deal someones last name it so small, but its contributed to who i am. you see i relised that alot of people have the main same core values but its the little things the miute differences are what make us who we are. and after my brain came up with that i was like wow. i was surprized with howk  philosofical i just got. and this is the last way my name has changed me through the


and in this moment i relised my final lesson gained from my last name

Similarities in  Scott Fitzgerald’s writing

winter dreams great gatsby
Judy jones is portrayed as the beautiful lady and is represented by the colour gold. she is defined buy her beauty not her values


Dexter meets a young lady when he is younger. he then re-encounters this lady later and starts up an affair this affair. but this relationship is false because Judy gets with a lot of other people. this leads to him thinking about her even long past when she leaves and even when he is planning on marrying someone. so when she returns he revotes his life to her wich is then cut short by her leaving him with nothing. Dexter doesn’t fully remove her from his life until much later when his told she’s married and is no longer beautiful and passionate.


dexter starts off from humble beginings  and makes money

Judy confesses her love to Dexter once she knows it too late for them due to Irene being his feonsae. this is shown when she says

“I wish we could be like that again,” while refferring to being in love then says

. I hear you’re giving Irene Scheerer a violent rush.” so this proves she knows about irene and still pursues him in a loving manner



Daisy beaucannan is portrayed as the beautiful lady and is represented by the colour gold. she is defined by her beauty not her values


Gatsby meets a girl when he comes back from the war this lady claims she loves him and vice versa. but Gatsby revises tha they will never be together because of his financial state this ends to him leaving to make money. once he makes a substantial amount of money to be on the same social status.



gatsby starts off from humble beginings.and makes money

daisy confesses her love to gatsby even tho she knows its to late because of tom and her child.


practice essay

describe at least one effective technique in the written. explain how this technique helped you understand an idea in the written text


Scott Fitzgerald portrays his ideas of the written text through his choice of settings. He portrays the idea of the American dream through the ideas of the four main settings in the Great Gatsby. The American dream is the idea that everyone in America can become wealthy depending on how much work they put in. this means that people who work hard are successful and people who don’t work hard don’t become successful.

Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the unfulfilled idea of the american dream throughout the setting of the valley of ashes. “a transcendent effort, of men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air.” this quote shows us to the extent the state of the residents here. this is shown by the word choice of the transcendant effort of the people working here. this lets us realise the people working are so worn down that they appear to be fading away like powder through the air. the idea of them being worthless is shown in the quote “ashes grow like wheat and form into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens.” this shows us that this area of the valley of ashes is a whimsical and boisterous area. this is shown by the word choice of groutesque when nick describes the gardens of the area. the idea that ashes grow like wheat expresses the worthlessness so the lives of the people in this area. this is expressed by author saying that ashes make up all there possessions like chimneys ridges hills. this is another way of the author expressing that everything they own is worthless like ashes. this is just one of the many ways Scott Fitzgerald critiques the social ideals in the book the great Gatsby .               Image result for ricky baker meme


the idea of the fake american dream is presented through the idea of East egg. this is because the people who live in this area of new york are known for their prestigious status. but they did not obtain this status through hard work and dedication. they were born into this wealth and endured no hardship t ovation this wealth. the perfect example of this is daisy and tom Buchanan. this is because these two are residents of east egg and are absurdly rich. a quote that identifies how they never worked for their money is spoken by nick carraway the narrator of the story. the quote is “Her voice is full of money, … the king’s daughter, the golden girl” the part in this quote that refers to money in her voice not only is a connotation to her sweet innocent charm, but the word choice of the word money points to her being unlawfully rich from birth almost as if she was so overly exposed to money that it consumes her and indulges her in every way even to the point of which it is her voice. the second part of this quote refers to her being a princess due to her being the king’s daughter. this is a direct relation to her being born into money because if you are the king’s daughter you are born into a wealth family and really you have no purpose in life other than to exist as a trophy. the last part of this quote refers to the golden girl. this is once again referring to her ridiculous amount of wealth. this is because the word choice golden make us connate it to money and wealth. so by saying she is the golden girl the author is trying to portray she is the money girl. and also the word choice of girl makes us think of a child. the author uses this directly to let us know she was born into her wealth. if he wasn’t trying to make us believe this he would have used other word choices such as women, or female. this means that the idea of the american dream is fake because these people have found wealth through nothing but being alive. this is the bare minimum.

Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the cheated idea of the american dream through the setting of west egg. this is because the people of west egg of have a certain persona that has been made about them. this persona involves the residents of west egg being known for ‘cheating the system’ they do this by not fulfilling the ideals of the american dream. these ideals consist of working hard and getting what you deserve depending on how much work you put in. these ‘bootleggers’ dont stick to these rules despite them working hard. this is because they gained their money through illegal affairs so in turn they cheated the system. Gatsby fits this idea of a bootlegger because he raised to fortune through illegal affairs related to drug stores. this is shown in the quote thought by tom Buchanan saying “He and this Wolfsheim bought up a lot of side-street drug-stores here and in Chicago and sold grain alcohol over the counter… I picked him for a bootlegger the first time I saw him,” this confirms rumours of Gatsby being related to illegal activitys and this links him to west egg. This means that all residents that live in this area will always be tainted by the residents who choose to pursue illegal activities. this is because their wealth is tainted with the ideals of illegal activity. this is just one other way that Scott Fitzgerald presents the idea of the american dream being ‘just a dream’

in conclusion Scott Fitzgerald critques the ideala of the american dream through settings in the book the great gatsby. this is because he believes that this idea of the American dream is just a dream and that its false hope that it gives to people is almost cruel.

rewriten paragraph

♠♣♥♦IN he great Gatsby the valley of ashes is shown as the idea of a failed American dream. this idea is first presented when nick and tom travel to the valley to see Mertil. nick describes the valley as “a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges hills and grotesque gardens. where ashes take form of houses and chimneys and rising smoke.” In this quote ashes are a metafor for the false idea of theA dream this is shown when it says that the ashes take form of houses and chimneys. this is because ashes can really do this and that just like the idea of the American dream cant really happen. this is because the people who live in the valley work extremely hard in the hope that one day the ‘dream’ will find them.  in this quote we also see use of the word grotesque this Fitsgerald uses this word choice because he think that this word best fits the idea of the American dream that it is almost cruel the way that this ‘dream’ is put in front of them like goal they can never reach. another way nick the narrator describes this setting is “ash grey men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air” this make us as readers invision and dark polluted place the words that make us think this are word choices such as ‘ash grey men’ and ‘crumbling through the powdery air’.the reason why the authiorhas written this quote like this is because he wants us to relise the life style of all the people who arent living in this upper class. the crumbling through the powdery air also help us relise to the extreme of wich these people work.

final gatsby project


  1. Describe three key characters and explain how they change throughout the novel? 

  the three key characters in this novel are daisy Gatsby and nick.


Nicks perception of the lifestyle of west egg changes throughout the curse of the film this is shown by nicks perception of Gatsby’s first party that he’s invited to. he thinks of the party as foolish and empty because “The bar is in full swing, … chatter and laughter, and casual innuendo and introductions forgot on the spot, and enthusiastic meetings between women who never knew each other’s names.” this shows how this character feels that the lifestyle in West egg is empty and hollow and very materialistic. this perception of Gatsby’s party takes place at the start of the book in chapter three. in chapter six after another one of Gatsby’s parts Gatsby says “she didn’t like it’ referring to daisy and he party nick then instantly replies with “of course she did” this implies that Nick had a good time at this party and now sees it as a good time this is because he is more of a resident of west egg but before he more was an outsider or a tourist. this also shows how he has accepted this materialistic lifestyle as acceptable. 




Gatsby as a character changes during the book this is because at the start of the book there is a shroud of mystery around him and a lot of people view of him varied. but as the book progresses we see his shroud of mystery being unveiled as Gatsby becomes more vulnerable. we see the shroud of mystery being formed around Gatsby at the start of the book when Nick attends Gatsby’s party nick hears rumors about Gatsby such as “someone told me they thought he killed a man” in this quote there is a lot of mystery because the words “someone told me”  and “they thought” imply rumors or uncertainty. this proves the shroud of mystery around Gatsby. Other rumors around Gatsby’s name are “he was a German spy during the war” “he’s an Oxford man”. as the novel progresses we see these rumors fall part and as they slip away he is left more and more vulnerable. his breaking point is in the final chapter when Tom Buchanan looks into Gatsby’s affairs and calls him out about his rumors. nick narrates that “[he was] defending his name against accusations that had not been made.” this implies that there are many more rumors about Gatsby that we haven’t heard about in the book that are circulating the east and west egg area.



daisy ideas around what she wants change throughout the book. at the start of the novel, she believes that she is true to her heart and will choose love over status. but as the novel progresses these morals change and her true colors come out. her love and devotion to Gatsby is shown when Daisy and Gatsby dance together and Daisy says “I wish it could always be like this” this is Daisy expressing her devotion towards Gatsby. near the end of the book when daisy must choose between tom and Gatsby she becomes scared of this choice because it is a new experience for her. This leads to her falling back into toms arms because of the security of his status. this is shown in the book when daisy never even sends the flower to her previous lovers funeral. this action as a whole sums up daisy personality being careless repulsive and every time things go wrong retreat back to the comfort of her husband’s status and money.


comprehensively describe the relationships between the three main characters

Dasiy and Gatsby

Daisy’s and Gatsby’s relationship is a false idea that they can be together. this illusion last throughout the whole book. This relationship starts with Gatsby not being of a high enough status for daisy. this sparks an obsession inside Gatsby to reach a high enough social status to meet Daisy’s needs. this task is an impossible task due to a false idea of the American dream. as the book progresses daisy believes that gatsbys has obtained a high enough status this is highlighted when daisy says “I wish it could always be like this” as they dance this shows how daisy would like to commit to this relationship but this is presented as an illusion when daisy chooses to run away with her husband of higher social status instead of staying with who she claims she loves.


nick and Gatsby

nick and Gatsbys relationship starts of as a one way relationship. because Nick has such high expectations to meet Gatsby and when he sees him he fills these expectations. but when Gatsby first meets nick he is  just another face in the crowd. as the book progresses there freindship blossoms as Gatsby needs nick to get to Daisy. this leads to them becoming closer because gatsby relies on nick to meet with dasiy. when the book comes to a end nick relises Gatsbys true intentions and they shre a moment when gatsby tells nick his whole story and why everything hes done so far has been for daisy. this makes Nick think higher of gatsby because his intents had been romantic and true his word.


Dasiy and nick

when Nick first meets daisy he knows her as a distant relative and he sees her as very beautiful and innocent. thier initail relationship is based on trust this idea is backed up by the moment they shared when daisy says “i hope shes a fool, thats the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” this shows how their relationship is based on trust due to daisy confessing these asperations for her daughter shows us that there is a positive relationship present.  but as the book progresses nick reliese daisys materialistic amd false life style this is shown when her porclaimed lover dies and she doesnt attend the funeral. this infuriates nick make ing him look down on her this results in them ending the book with m more negitvie relationship.



American dream.

the four main locations in the great Gatsby are west egg, east egg, valley of ashes, and new york. each place represents a idea of the American dream. the American dream is the idea that you get what you deserve and if you work hard enough you will become successful. but idea is presented as false in all settings of gatsby. in west egg the idea is false because it has a representation of bootleggers who have come to fortune by cheating the system through illegal affairs this is reflected by Gatsby’s character. East egg is also a false idea of the dream because everyone living there has been born into fortune not having to work for it. this is proven by daisy and tom living there. the valley of ashes reflects this because everyone who lives there works extremely hard and are rewarded with barely enough to get by. this is shown i  the book by the characters Wilson. the final place that falsely represents the American dream is new york. this is because here there is the illusion that if you work hard enough your dreams will come true. this is false because only a small amount of people achieve fortune through hard work this is shown through west egg, east egg, and the valley of ashes.


“Her voice was full of money… That was it. I’d never understood before. it was full of money that was the inexhaustible charm that rose girl fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals song of it

  • full of money.
  • this makes us as readers think that this is a nice sound because we connotate this to word money towards good things or pleasant things this makes us think that she has a high smooth voice.
  • it also makes us think that she is careless this is because we think\ she has lots of money she has no need to worry about anything.
  • id never understood it before
  • shows us that nick hasnt ever heard a voice as sweet or soothing as daisy’s. this further proves the point of daisys innocent persona
  • inexhaustible charm
  • this gives us a sense that she is so attractive that nothing needs to be added to her look. and also how her beauty is never ending and will last through age hence inexhaustible.
  • the jingle of it
  • connotations of this include festive season, Christmas, merry, jolly, happy
  • cymbals song of it
  • this makes us think of the of the smooth ringing of the cymbals while also hinting the fact that cymbals can be an ugly sound when used incorrectly this could possibly be foreshadowing days final actions in the book.

“I felt a haunting loneliness sometimes, and felt it in others–young clerks in the dusk, wasting the most poignant moments of night and life.”  nick

  • hauting loneliness
  • this gives us the idea that this feeling never fully leave nick just as a ghost would if it hauntes you it more occasionally becomes subsidised. almost as if hes carrying around this feeling of loneliness.
  • felt in others
  • this is shows us that you cant really feel or see if someone is haunted by loneliness unless you your self have felt it and know the feeling of haunting sadness.
  • wasting the most poignant moments
  • poignant means evoking a keen sense of regret or sadness this entails that they are waisting the sad moments is there life by having them all the time. so this means when a tragity comes around they will almost be desencitsed tot eh feeling of sadness.



green light

“possibly it had occurred to him that the colossal significance of that light had vanished forever.”

-Gatsby realizes that the light was never actually that importance of symbolism of daisy

-if something vanishes it never existed in the fist place. we see vanishing tricks at a magic show wich is just a form of illusion.

-“forever” never coming back

“it had seemed as close as a star to the moon. Now it was again a green light on the dock His count of enchanted objects had diminished by one”

-Star and moon quote in appearance it looks very close. In reality its really really far away. Gatsby believes Daisy to be Just across the bay so not very far in distance in reality there’s a lot of time and life separating them.

-Gatsby’s obsession with Dasiy is like a spell. He is so strongly fixated on that it seems unreal or fantastic.

Chapter 2 first paragraph- Gatsby

ABOUT half way between West Egg and New York the motor road hastily joins the railroad and runs beside
it for a quarter of a mile, so as to shrink away from a certain desolate area of land. This is a valley of ashes a
fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens; where ashes take the
forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke and, finally, with a transcendent effort, of men who move
dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air. Occasionally a line of gray cars crawls along an
invisible track, gives out a ghastly creak, and comes to rest, and immediately the ash−gray men swarm up
with leaden spades and stir up an impenetrable cloud, which screens their obscure operations from your sight.


shrink implies that the road wants to pull away from this area of land but cant go far. its creeped by it. Desolate means “bleek emptyness” not much is happening and it doesnt produce much growth.

valley= hole     ashes= burnt out  NY and other surrounding areas dump there ashes from the fire there

Farm, grow and garden all imply life. However fitzgerald states that ashes are growing into things you would find on a farm. He also says that the gardens are grotesque. grotesque impies ugly disgusting and repulsive. The ashes are forming everything. they are the things that are growthing there for fitgerald is showing that the feeling of being burnt out and being tired is taking over this town.

beyond or above the range of human experience. these people love in a world that is a evryday thing.

worn out and tired. your going to break

Chapter one Great Gatsby

recount of chapter one: The Great Gatsby

In chapter one nick claimed to be our none bias narrator. nick went out for dinner with his distant cousin named Daisy Buchanan. Daisy’s husband was a very stuck up and rich kind of person. I know this due to the descriptive words used by Nick and Daisy such as hulking, brute, arrogant, and aggressive. We also found out that women are very second class citizens with it being a social normal for husbands to have other lovers outside of marriage. when Nick left there house he felt “almost disgusted”.

Daisy:  charming, thrilling, sad, lovely, bright, these words help me realize that she is a kind but sad character who wants more this is due to the tone of the words used and how she can be sad and lovely at the same time.

Jordan Baker: small breasted, charming, balancing, polite, slender. these words help me realize she is the type of person who is elegant lady.

Tom: aggressive, brute, arrogant, aggressive. these words help me realize that nick is a judgmental person who doesn’t care for others opinions.

I think that nick ill be an opinionated narrator due to his describing words he has used. These either gives me a immediate liking towards a person or i will dislike them for the whole story from the first time we meet the person. This isn’t a very bias way to narrate a story.